Wah Gwan! My name is Kev Clarke, and yes, I am a Copywriter born and raised in NYC. By way of

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In the Empire City, every day is unique and extraordinary. I am fortunate to always find myself immersed in artistic inspiration, with countless creative avenues to explore.

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I am Kevonne Clarke I had a pretty cool upbringing . NYC to Florida for four years of my childhood then back to NYC. I create music and I’ve been doing so since freshman year of college. I felt like all of my creative peers at the time also created music , so me seeking to be as much of an oddball as I can be I bought a camera and started taking photos. That created many opportunities for me which was super cool. I quickly realized a camera was my media pass for as many events as I could get into. Which included festivals such as rolling loud and various other concerts and fashion events. I started a podcast and interviewed creatives about their journey. My friends helped me with production of over the course of a year as each episode was recorded at a new location one of many tactics to keep supporters intrigued. I created merchandise for the podcast and the clothing took on a life of its own to this day. I stumbled across advertising in the past 18 months. I’ve binge watched mad men and studied the craft as much as I can and I feel that I am now more than ready to apply my love for pop culture and entertainment into my very unique work that I plan to continue to share with the world.